Throgs Neck Little League Rules & Regulations

Official TNLL Rules RegulationsTNLL Rules & Guide (text below) | TNLL Pitching Rules

The following is for the benefit of all league personnel. It was designed to aid in the running of an orderly, successful and enjoyable season


  1. All players must be in league issued uniforms (Shirts and hats.)  to be eligible to play.
  2. Uniforms are as follows: Gray pants (supplied by the parents of the child), TNLL hat and TNLL Uniform shirt. This rule will be strictly enforced by the league and the M.I.C on duty. Replacement hats will cost $10.00 and replacement uniform shirts will cost $20.00.  
  3. Players, Managers and Coaches should be at the fields on half hour prior to scheduled game time.
  4. ALL are FORBIDDEN to smoke on the fields.
  5. Players, Managers and Coaches are not allowed to bring bottles, cans, or food on the field or in the dugout during games. It would be greatly appreciated if the parents cooperate and do not pass food to the players.
  6. FOUL LANGUAGE is forbidden by ballplayers and league personnel on or near the fields.
  7. After each game, Managers and coaches are to supervise the cleaning of their dugouts by their players.
  8. Players are not permitted to leave the field during the ballgame, except to use the bathrooms.
  9. Players must notify their manager if they are going to be absent from ballgame.
  10. THROWING OF A HELMET OR BAT by a player may be cause for ejection by the umpire.
  11. If a player misses (2) games in a set of three (3) games, he/she will be credited as having played a full game.
  12. L.L. Rule # 1.11(j: Players may not wear jewelry of any kind.


  1. Be familiar with the rules and guides that follow, Study and know your rulebook. Submit any questions in writing to the President or Player Agent, quoting exact section of rules in question.
  2. Be familiar with the proper use of your score sheet. These sheets must be used at every game.
  3. Score sheets will be issued to managers before each game. Print with ball point pens so that both carbon copies are legible. In addition to your starting line-up, list all players who are present and not starting as well as absent players. Prior to the game, give the third (Pink) copy to the opposing manager. You will keep the second (Yellow) copy for your records. At the end of the game, hand in the original (White) copy to the Board member in charge (M.I.C.).
  4. Start the season by having the players call you Mister and not by your first name. CONTROL YOUR PLAYERS:  Keep them in the dugout with only one player on deck. Don’t let the players run your team. YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!!!
  5. BOTH MANAGERS of the teams schedule to play the first game of the day are EQUALLY responsible for readying the field for the game. This includes putting down the Foul Lines. If foul lines are not down at game time, the umpire WILL NOT start the game. He will direct both Managers to put the lines down. The time list will be counted as playing time and the time limit will be adjudged from the SCHEDULED STARTING TIME of the game.
  6. Only members of the team and the designated Managers and Coaches are permitted on the playing fields.
  7. Avoid protest situations you are to warn the other manager if one is evident. It is Both Managers responsibility to prevent a protest, no matter which team is about to commit a violation.
  8. Avoid arguments with opposing personnel, parents, spectators, and umpires. “Any player, who is ejected from a ballgame by an umpire for foul language directed at the umpire or for any racial remarks directed at anyone, will be automatically suspended for the next two (2) ballgames played by his team. The player must be present and in uniform and sit the bench foe his/her suspended games.” These suspended games will not be counted as absences against the players.
  9. After the last game of the day, Managers shall assign players to take up the bases, tarps and any other equipment that must be removed and have them placed neatly in their proper place. Managers shall supervise this operation. Also see Players #4.
  10. All managers and Coaches are charged with properly maintaining and protecting the equipment assigned to them. Don’t allow the players to abuse this equipment. Catching mitts should be frequently oiled without saturation. This is much better than soaking the mitt a couple of times a season. Please Remember, our equipment is the largest single cost every season. We must get the most out of it.
  11. The league would appreciate that ALL ADULT PERSONNEL wear long pants instead of shorts and uniform cap on the playing field.
  12. When a vacancy occurs on a team, the President or the Player Agent must be notified and the vacancy must be filled within one week by a player of the same age, provided there are players available. There will be no replacement during the last two (2) weeks of the scheduled season. Replacements will be made from waiting list or league below if applicable to be determined by the Player Agent.
  13. To reserve either field or the batting cage for a practice, contact the man in charge of the field reservations, Anthony Dillilo @ 718-496-9437 for Senior field and Michael Marano for Small field and batting cages @ 914-420-8070. Phone calls should be made at reasonable hours. If there is no prior reservation in conflict with you request, you will be assigned the field or cage. Managers not having reservations must yield to a team that does if such conflicts arises. We suggest making one reservation at a time and not more than one week in advance. Field assignments will be granted on a 2 hour basis. If no one shows for the next time period, you may remain on the field until the next schedule team arrives.
  14. No personnel may take equipment such as bases or pitcher’s plates from the building to be used at other than our own fields. All such equipment is to remain stored in our building facilities when not in use and NOT IN THE AUTOMOBILES OF MANAGERS.
  15. Any personnel found non-cooperative with these rules, or any other rules of Little League Baseball, Inc. are liable to suspension or dismissal after a hearing by the appropriate committee of this league.